Current Services Provided

new4Health, Hygiene and Basic 1st Aid for young children – in co-operation with a qualified Vietnamese doctor, covering: personal health & hygiene; hygiene in the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms; bathing and feeding young children; accident prevention in the home and basic first aid….

Health checks – these checks are designed specifically for us, targeting potential risks relating to food and childcare safety. they are conducted by a reputable clinic to ensure that the maids are fit for work and have none of the typical local communicable diseases. Where necessary they also receive immunization.


m2Housekeeping – our 1 day course covers all the theory relating to every aspect of housekeeping. Prerequisites for honesty and timekeeping, personal hygiene, work planning, international standards for each room including practice in an expat home, room by room to establish a common standard. Sourcing appropriate quality cleaning and related household products in Hanoi.



m3Kitchen Management and Household Safety – we offer a 1 day course covering: bacteria and disease – cause and prevention; food marketing, selection, preparation, storage and presentation; case studies of food poisoning situations (risk, prevention and cause); kitchen and household safety and hygiene.




m4Supplementary cooking  – we operate our own internal course covering: food marketing, preparation and storage; kitchen implements required for western style cooking; place settings; practice in cooking various western dishes; garnishing and presentation (“silver service” – is an optional extra subject to experience and demand).





Child care – training by qualified Vietnamese child care specialist who assesses the maids aptitude and ability for child care. Those maids with appropriate aptitude are tutored and particular emphasis is given to keeping the children happy and gainfully employed. the maids also learn how to handle difficult situations, ( i.e. tantrums, disobedience, toilet training etc).