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Price check for household or office items, food, beverages and services

Most maids (and office staff) make money “on the side” by inflating the prices they pay for household or office purchases. Our price-check survey will help you identify the degree of inflation, if any, so that you can decide if it is reasonable or not. Remember, if they can get away with this a few $$$ then the temptation exists to try for more if the opportunity arises.

How do they inflate the prices? The most common method is to simply add on what they feel you can afford to pay. Another is to get falsified receipts. If you shop with your office staff then it is not uncommon for them to make an arrangement to receive a commission from the seller and collect it later. This happens almost without fail when purchasing service and hardware items of high value (e.g. airline tickets, hotel bookings, tv, music and kitchen equipment, washing machines, office stationery, etc) or where many items are purchased from one store. Some people ask their “most trusted” Vietnamese staff to check the prices. Beware! There is always a risk that the locals will collude and “share the cake”!

You may wish to make the purchases yourself before or after the check (without the staff to accompany you). This will be interesting for you to see how much the prices are inflated for foreigners, especially in the markets!

Peace of mind for just US$ 20!

Call us on: 04 37183112 or email: for our customized form and for the detailed instructions. To ensure the best results from the price check, without inadvertent antagonism and to minimize any feelings of mistrust, it is important to follow our guidelines, before submitting our “shopping list” form to your staff. remember, it is easy to get falsified receipts from any shop or stall in Hanoi. Return the form to us weekly for two weeks then our Vietnamese staff we carry out the price check for you.

Did you know?? The maid/guard will often sell your trash as scrap paper, (especially packing boxes), cans, jars bottles and even food scraps! All have a value to someone. Most people do not worry about his and see it as a perk for the staff if they are aware of it. It never hurts to ask the maid … “so how much did you get for all that …..?” to let her know that you know!