What Will It Cost

Maid hire

Actual cost depends upon what specific work functions are required (i.e. housekeeping, child care, cookery, pet minding, office cleaning etc). Cost is also dependent on her language ability and experience, the hours she works per day and number of days she works per week. Based on the customer’s inquiry form. We find suitable maids and give quotations. Part time service is prorated subject to the duties required with minimum time of 3 hours/day. Short term hire is higher priced than a long – term. In Vietnam it is customary for all local staff to be paid an addition month`s salary for the “Tet”, Lunar New Year holiday. Other bonuses are discretionary subject to monthly performance reports. Overtime on working days and weekends and public holidays runs at higher rates.

If the maid does your shopping for you she will provide a statement of expenditure with the goods so you can reimburse her directly. All other charges are billed directly to you on a monthly basis.

We take care of the maid salary and benefits etc and to ensure that any bonuses are performance related we ask you to fill a simple monthly questionnaire. In the unlikely event of any disagreement or inappropriate behavior, we deal with this directly with the maid upon receipt of your notification. In the event of illness or if the maid is on leave, we provide a temporary stand in to take her place, subject to availability


Training modules

For your current maid we offer a variety of courses. All the courses are conducted in Vietnamese, some with English speaking tutors with a translator. The courses are as follows and the price schedule is attached. After the course we provide the attendees with a certificate of achievement and a report on her performance and any areas of concern that we feel need to be highlighted to the employer.

Health & Hygiene and basic first aid (instructed by qualified doctor)
• Personal hygiene – understanding microbes, parasites, bacteria, toxins and virus`
• Health hazards in the home, especially kitchens, bathrooms and nursery
• Food hygiene and sanitization
• Feeding, bathing and toilet for babies and young children
• Accidents – prevention and cure (including: burns, electric shocks, falls, cuts, broken bones, suffocation, foreign body in the ear, toxic absorption of cleaning products, fever, diarrhea).
• Written and practical examination

General Housekeeping (in the home or office environment)
• Personal hygiene, work planning, international standards for each room including practice in an expat home, room by room to establish a common standard.
• Sourcing appropriate quality cleaning and related household products in Hanoi
• Written and oral examination

Kitchen Management and Household Safety – primarily with video presentations
• Personal hygiene
• Principles of germs and disease
• Food marketing and sanitation
• Case studies from several real incidents relating to types of food poisoning with detailed breakdown of cause and effect
• Safety in the kitchen including prevention with video examples of hazard avoidance such as burns, fires, use of ladders, gas and electrical appliances, lifting and carrying.
• Written examination.


Supplementary Cookery (trainees accepted subject to aptitude test) – instructed by professional chef
• Food marketing, preparation and storage
• Kitchen implements required for western style cooking
• Place settings
• Practice cooking various western dishes
• Garnishing and presentation
• Practical examination


Child Care (trainees accepted subject to aptitude test) – instructed by qualified trainer
• Common variations between Vietnamese and western child management in the home
• Keeping children gainfully employed (model making, painting, playing, nursery rhymes)
• Dealing with problems
• Oral examination


Reception & Telephone Training “Making a good impression ”
• Importance of key roles in the organization
• Answering, holding, transferring calls
• Dealing with difficult and angry callers and emergencies
• Visitor reception function
• Greeting, waiting and departing visitors
• Difficult visitors
• Do’s and don’t with telephones and in reception
• Making appointments
• Role playing

Course title Duration Price* Course frequency
Health & hygiene and basic 1st aid 1 day VND2,500,000 every 3 months
Medical health check approx. 3 hrs VND1,200,000 any day, (at 2 working days notice)
management & household safety #
1 day – in conjunction with housekeeping VND1,300,000 subject to demand
General housekeeping # 2 days – in conjunction with kitchen management course VND1,300,000 subject to demand
Supplementary cooking 10 days for 3 hrs/day VND315,000/day + food costs subject to demand
Child care # 3 days for 4 hrs/day VND2,500,000 every 3 months
Reception & telephone training 1/2 day workshop VND6,300,000 subject to demand (up to 4 students per course)
Making a good impression 2 day workshop tailored to your company needs P.O.A subject to demand
Fresh and Artificial Flower arranging and Fruit and Vegetable carving – lessons for locals and expatriates Tailor made to your requirements (Hanoi Area). P.O.A Subject to demand
P.O.A : Price on application
@      :  Food costs not included.
*        : All prices per person and exclusive of 10% VAT
#        : Private tuition additional fee VND 420,000 per person
All placements are subject to availability at time of booking but generally we need one month’s notice.